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Series 100 Column Covers

Column Covers are fabricated in round, square, rectangular and oblong configurations. They convert unfinished concrete columns, I-beams or corner conditions to enhance the appearance of the building.

Series 100 Column Cover System for Building


  • 16-foot columns in one section
  • Custom colors and finishes
  • Simple installation
  • Flexible design parameters
  • Custom top and bottom reveals available
  • Caulked joint, 1/2-inch joint minimum
  • Channel filler, 3/4-inch joint

Material Options

  • .090-inch and .125-inch aluminum plate
  • 3-mm, 4-mm, and 6-mm composite material
  • Natural metals (call for availability)

Finish Options

  • Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® high performance fluorocarbon resinous coatings
  • Anodized
  • Natural Metals

Additional Information

  • 12-inch minimum diameter
  • Minimum column length 6-inch