Firestone Metals UNA-CLAD


Pre-fabricated components mechanically assembled in the field from standard UNA-CLAD™ components. Providing decorative screening hiding mechanical equipment and improving the structures aesthetic appearance.

ES-2 Equipment Screen for Building


  • Excellent interface with surrounding construction
  • Excellent structural performance
  • Flexible design parameters
  • Very lightweight

Material Options

  • Coil-anodized aluminum (20 year warranty)
  • Coil-coated aluminum (20 year warranty)
  • Copper in various gauges and finishes
  • Post-anodized aluminum (short run, custom colors)
  • Post-painted aluminum (short run, custom colors)
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel coil-coated (20 year warranty) extra smooth galvanized

Finish Options

  • Batch anodized
  • Coil-anodized
  • Custom coatings
  • Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® high performance fluorocarbon resinous coatings

Additional Information

  • Consult factory for limitations on height, structural requirements and finishes
  • Oil canning is not a cause for rejection