06/25/2009 - UNA-CLAD™ Series 10 Honeycomb Wall Panel System Obtains Miami-Dade Certification

Firestone Metal Products has obtained Miami-Dade Certification on the UNA-CLAD™ Series 10 Honeycomb wall panel system.

The Miami-Dade County Product Control Approval System was established to ensure more stringent standards for construction products used in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of Dade and Broward counties to ensure structures are more resistant to destruction from natural disasters. In order to meet the requirements for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone manufacturers must submit their products to additional property, durability and weather resistance testing.

The Miami-Dade approval process involves the most rigorous testing and inspection regimens in the construction industry; attesting to the high quality products manufactured by FSMP and the soundness of the processes employed by FSMP in the testing and production of our products.

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