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Submittal Form for Metal Paint Finish Warranty -
Firestone Building Products — Roofing and Sheet Metal

Please fill out this form completely for the purpose of obtaining a Paint Finish Warranty.

Project Information

Contractor Information

(required for warranty & mailing purposes )

Owner Information

Metal System Information

UNA-CLAD™ Panel System: (check all that apply, and at least one from each category)

(Please include all colors used in project)

Miscellaneous Warranty Information

Other Information

By placing a name on this form, I verify that to the best of my knowledge, all the information entered above is accurate.

Note: Only use this worksheet to compile project information for submittal to Firestone Building Products to obtain a Paint Finish Warranty. If you are a licensed Firestone applicator, please utilize the Firestone's Pre-Installation Notice (P.I.N) feature located on our website